Well... this has been a while, has it not? I really wanted to finish up our study group, so here we go with day 17:

201. Viretvalvisblahut

The less time we take for the depth of experience the more
hurried our life becomes. Shallow living increases when
deep living is denied.

So easy, isn't it? But still... a hurried live so easily becomes a shallow live, at least in my experience.

This great audio automatically comes up:

For this week I will take this in my days from day 17: There is no destiny and no need for feelings of urgency...

Question for myself and perhaps for you: Where am I denying deep living?

Yup, time to finish up our little study group here with the last few days of The Book of Gods and Men :)

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I can't remember the last time I posted anything here; it feels like I did so during many many aeons ago, in a couple of other lifetimes ago! In fact, it was probably more like 4 months ago! (or is it five?) Since then, the Infinite and I have been engaged in a mad, lovely, intricately delicate tango, where I, as an individuation, have been whirling in the wild madness of study, licensing tests (which to my utter shock I passed 2 back-to-back!), open-mouthed speechlessness at the new roads opening in my life, and the strangeness of actually being paid and starting a new profession, for which I have no idea whether I am at all well-suited to! It's fun - but as of this moment, I really do not know how I am going to make money in it as I cannot use "intention" - as my colleagues do extremely successfully in the world of the matrix - to reach incredible financial goals! 

I truly have no idea what I'm doing except that I am enjoying meeting people and seeing Almine's work and words take human form, right in front of me. Somehow, I am coming into daily contact with - and feeling the effects of -  humanity's propensity for shallow living - it doesn't know how to get out of it, it seems to me - and I confess here, that I am not sure what my role in this new job is. The little that I do know is that I often feel like I would like to bless everyone and every place I come into contact with - and this includes the cranky, rude, dismissive, bad-tempered people and other beings that I meet!!! Sometimes, I do feel 10 (1? - who knows?) seconds of some emotion in me - usually something that wants to expose and oppose people's tendency to set limits on others instead of themselves - but I am learning to shrug, sigh, allow my 24 emotions of awareness to absorb what I don't quite understand is in front of me - and I go on to the next client!!!

It sounds easy, doesn't it? Of course, you and I both know that there is nothing in the people I meet that is not already in me!

As a matter of fact, yesterday, I had a moment of revelation (I have many of these "little moments" as I like to call them since they literally occur in the most unlikely situations!) where I literally got down on my knees (this was at home, and not in front of my boss!) where I thanked, from the depths of my Being:

Fear   Anger   Pain   and    Protectiveness and Guilt - which form Hopelessness - for Existing.

These emotions seem to run most of human activity and most of its aspects.  I remember, if my memory is to be believed, that I have indulged in them for much of this life before Almine! I suspect that these emotions are responsible for all of that shallow living that even those of us who think are above it, engage in occasionally! They have been viewed as negative emotions - and often rejected - and when confronted, there is always some kind of tendency in all of us that intends some sort of manipulation of each of these emotions.

They have identities and lives of their own.

Yet, through Almine's new teachings,  a brand new vista is opening up for every single One of us: these emotions are, in fact, the very stepping stones to our godhood!  And godhood can be achieved by Any One!!!

Who would have thought that?  These emotions have been maligned, misjudged, ignored, compartmentalized, manipulated, misused and blamed every which way for everything that is supposedly "wrong" in this world of duality, at a certain level.  One cannot even think of the very concept of polarity without mention of these emotions -and as our limited understanding comprehends them. Yet in Almine's new cutting edge observations, these very emotions are meant to inspire us into new heights of bliss, rapture and ecstasy - and so much more, as the way we deal with them will evolve our very DNA into the next step, our next level, which is to enter - and to explore - how to live in the new world of the God Kingdom.  Thus, using these emotions in specific insightful ways is absolutely essential in gaining access to our godhood! Go figure!

I can also point out that these emotions are often assigned the responsibility of increasing shallow living. Is that true?

I recognize that many of the people I meet place great value in "hurry." Even relaxation is timed - and scheduled in, something to be engaged in, strangely enough, often "in a hurry," because there is so much to do following relaxation!!!!  Doingness and the amount that you engage in this and all activities determines, inside the world of duality, how "deep" you are!  That is, you can't be considered as living life fully in such a world unless you're in a constant state of doing something - whatever that is!!!!!

Daily, I have to view objectively in myself the tendency to feel the great urgency in all that I do - and, at the same time, subjectively allow to come to the surface inside of me, those 24 senses of my awareness, that acknowledge the little ripples of intense feeling of the perfection and the timelessness that really underlie everything I come into contact with - when I really focus on only one thing!!!

I have no idea how to explain this to someone who has not experienced it!  Furthermore, I have noticed, that when I allow these 24 senses to play a couple of notes in me, like a violin, some aspect of Exhilaration immediately answers and pays me a brief and wonderful visit!!! I have frequent smiles on my face and I don't know how to explain these!!!!

So, my question to you, the reader, is, in the words of that famous singer, Peter Frampton, "Do you Feel Like I Do?" I refuse to believe that I am the only one....

By the way, thank you, you great Neils you, for this posting.

Blessings to All!!!!!!

Hello, and welcome back. I always enjoy your posts!

I think of you as a well sharpened pencil Ms HB in which you write interesting and insightful words that inspire and resonate.

I had a private retreat in April with Almine and we worked on these very emotions and the way through. The insights Almine shared were realizations for 5 distorted emotions.

1. Pain - "Sovereign Self guidance through the heart song of inspiration"

2. Fear -"Self sovereign creative choices through knowing the benevolence of Self as everything"

3. Anger - "The self determinative quality of the journey through knowing the subjective nature of  existence"

4. Guilt - "Self delight through embracing the unknowable nature of experience"

5. Hopelessness - "Through knowing the unwavering benevolence of my being I surrender to the unfathomable Self"

From my notes I wrote:

Fear - tweak to use as realization - lighten up. The desire to retreat. It shows what is not included. Belief systems are the result of fear.programming. To be complacent is a form of fear. Complacency makes things look ordinary. Broadening horizons creates new perspectives and creates appreciation. Dream big to get bigger miracles. Fear shows what you haven't included in your vision; e.g. fear of heights, include grounding in vision with the earth.

Pain - moving forward, use art to move beyond, express! Graceful unfoldment takes the place of enforced change. It guides us into different directions.

Guilt - change the song. Where we take ourselves and life in the matrix too seriously

Anger - shows us the areas we take too seriously in the playground of the matrix. Areas of feeling victimized. When seemingly victimized it has pushed us into greater strengths.

Hoplessness - Shows the parts of your life where you need to surrender.

To explain this to those who have not experienced it can be daunting. Best to just be yourself and shine by example! 

Last week I went on a long coach journey to visit a friend. I listened to all of the audios from this course during the ride! I've had BOGAM for a while and just dipped a little toe into it, not getting past the first day or 2 before. It was a wonderful opportunity to listen without interruption and being able to snooze and pause from time to time to integrate.

ta ta for now.....xxx

Hello, Avril!!! I'm soooo happy to finally meet you!
I have listened to your words on the many radio shows you have appeared in for the past few years and very much enjoyed them! Recently, your Ikelke ceremony and your lyrics, composition and singing with your on- air partner was lots of fun to hear!

As for your response, thank you for posting some more refined, gentle, multi-layered descriptions of the above emotions that are my companions wherever I travel through my day for work.

Yesterday, I was actually lucky for I ran into someone whom I now realize was demonstrating the emotion of complacency. This is fascinating for me as this was the one emotion I could not quite link to fear. I actually had a very short conversation with the person who was living this emotion - almost as if for my benefit - in full matrix 3D color! He was stuck in a bad experience that had occurred for him in the 1970's with the company I work for, and was not interested in hearing from me that it has undergone many huge changes since then with its new products and through its various owners, etc. He actually became very curt, did not let me finish, and, I guess, rude - and as I was listening to him expand in these emotions, I visibly saw him change, as very loudly he demanded that I "Leeeeeaavvee!" the store immediately! As I was walking out, he appeared very satisfied with himself - and joked with his employees about showing me the door- proud that he had taken such a stand.

What I found very interesting in my reaction was that as I was leaving, I said aloud to myself, "I guess it takes all types."

What message was I giving myself here? I'm still not sure.

In trying to decipher it, this is the minuscule insights I've had, so far: complacency is indeed a fear with some self- importance and a little self- pity thrown in. This man's desire to retreat from what I had to say (or not!!) through outrage manifested itself as making me live his retreat - so that I actually "lived" his fear. He obviously enjoys wearing his complacency. Maybe: it gives him a reason to create the personality he wears for the benefit of appearing strong and resolute to his tribe? Maybe: he appears to gain strength from a weakness - his past victim hood - by rejecting it aloud? Maybe: without it, he considers himself powerless? In the world of the matrix, I guess that to seem powerless is probably the worst social "sin" one could express! You can feel and be powerless - but the unwritten law seems to be that you never ever demonstrate this in public! Maybe perception as acknowledgment and full acceptance of one's fears is not valued because many have not linked it to personal power?

I don't know.

However, it is highly probable that ultimately, this man will strengthen what he opposes: his own fear of being a victim.

What I discovered about my teeny Self through this experience: my metaphysical "wonderings" become manifested - in a very short period of time - through my daily physical wanderings among people. Plus, - and I really like this one - I am not experiencing any desire to resolve or help or free this individual from anything!

I guess I might be becoming an observer with no emotional need in me to save, to condemn, to demonstrate the error of one's ways, or to even absorb or put an end to someone else's emotional baggage! This one is huge, for me. It is his own to deal with. It is his own blessing to himself.

I appear to have come out of this encounter with no emotional memory or baggage or angst or anybneed to prove his fear right or wrong.

If that is the effect of the god hormones' beginning work -

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