I have not used the gateways for quite some time. I was wondering if anyone could share experiences. They are so beautiful- the angel tablets and the 64 angels on each tablet. They are quite mesmerizing :) I also wonder about "Connecting to the wheel of the one light" I think there was a little confusion a few years ago- were we to connect to the cosmic template? In my folder from 2009, I have a copy of the cosmic template but no wheel of the one light. Do I use the new cosmic template? I would appreciate some clarity before I use these wonderful tools. I am really enjoying connecting with others on this site.


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Hi Matt, 

The Wheel of One LIght is used with the Round Tablets of the Magic of Light and their corresponding Equation of Activated Light.  It is different than the Cosmic Template of 2009.  From what I remember it came as a separate PDF download.  I'll try to upload it.

I enjoy this quick and easy ceremony with the Round Tablets.  The qualities that are sent through, such as "Unconditional Oneness" are wonderful.   In the course this ceremony comes prior to the Angel Gateway Ceremony.  I like to use it as a first step for the Angel Gateways; but that's optional.

One question at the time was about whether or not to use both the Equation and corresponding Round Tablet on top of the Wheel of One Light.  Almine gave an answer to that question.  I've snipped and placed below:

Here is the Wheel of One Light PDF


Thank you Matt & Barbara!

Since we just received a new Cosmic Template, here's an interesting historical note about the previous one.  I have a copy of the Cosmic Template drawing labeled as the Wheel of One LIfe.  I think it was called this first and then it was changed to the Cosmic Template.  At the time, there was confusion about the Wheel of One Light and Wheel of One Life, which was which.  It will be interesting to see if at some point the Cosmic Template upgrades to the point where it will be called the Wheel of One Life. 

This might be the confusion you are remembering.  Neither, though, the Cosmic Template nor the Wheel of One Light are used with the Magical Angel Gateways of the Angels. 

About using the Angel Gateways, there are two ways to use them, as a portal of self-government or to send blessing through.  I have them set up now as a portal of self-government.  Using the tablets as they were originally given makes for a room size portal.  So I'm using the mini version, which takes up less than 2x2 feet. 

I've used the Angel Gateways to send all of Kaanish BVP through, which is a use the angels intended, as told in the text prior to the ceremony.  That's a large ceremony, setting up multiple tablets, calling in 64 angels for each and sending portions through at a time.

Often, though, I like to use them in quick ceremonies to send one or a few wheels through.  When sending one wheel through from Atlantean Book of Angels, for example, I can just set up one tablet and it's corresponding pieces as a gateway. 

The advantage of using the Angel Gateways is that it is possible to send something like a wheel to a large geographical area.  The potency of whatever is sent through is said to be "thousands of times increased through these gateways," so they are powerful and worthwhile to use. 

They can be used with the Zhong-galabruck Wheels to align timing.  The example, I remember Almine giving for this use, was to send blessings through for a gathering at a particular time and place, like a wedding.

Any of the tools Almine has brought through for us can be sent through.  Enjoy!

These are the PDFs for the mini version:


I'm not having success with the PDF upload.....

Thank you so much for your detailed explanations / clarifications. I have been wanting to use them again. I remember sending wheels through a couple of years ago. Very beautiful :)

You are welcome Barbara and Matt!

I'm looking forward to your upload of the mini-version. Hope you manage it. Thank you for the clear explanation!

hmmm.....the PDF is too big to upload....100 MB. 

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