I noticed the announcement indicating that both events (Toronto and Red Deer) have been cancelled for 2015. I'm curious if anyone knows what Almine has intended for Canada, as I'd plan some holidays around a retreat.

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Oh, I looked up the retreats and they are all canceled? hmmm, I wonder what is happening here? I woke this morning and I felt what it would feel like to not see Almine in Red Deer, and then I thought "why are you thinking this?" haha, anyway, then I see this and it is very curious indeed!

Hi Phoebe,

It is curious. I have no clue what has come to pass, but am rolling with change. No less curious though. :>) You're not alone.

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Looking for direcitves

Posted by Joel Janvier on December 8, 2016 at 6:00pm 3 Comments

Dear light friends,
" Love and finance" are two areas in my life that I need to bring into balance in order to continue my journey. I feel drained lots of energies. I feel nervous and strange in this world.I feel like alone and misunderstood. I cannot describe my real mind state now. If someone can bring me some insights and directives, I will welcome them gratefully.


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