Some words of introduction

Walking with Almine is an experience unlike any other. She will show you how you can dissolve all your illusions and claim your true origin. Stepping into a life beyond your wildest dreams, beyond your self imposed limitations. All the while she is extremely honest, humble and downright human.

Her life is a string of miracles. Her teachings are a celebration of being alive. And her awareness of who you truly are is unequalled. For many she is a teacher, but also a dear friend.

However, getting started with her teachings can be quite challenging.

There are so many books and courses that have flowed through her… and the list just keeps growing every day.

Don’t worry, that’s where we come in. We’ve been there. We know what it is like to be dumbfounded when looking at the amount of material but still having the inexplicable urge to go on. Because there is something there with Almine that is calling you.


Beginners start here

These books are in our opinion the best place to start delving into the teachings of Almine. They are fun to read and highly insightful! Check out the free previews. These books are available separately, but there is also an e-book starter pack version.


A Life of Miracles - Mystical Keys to Ascension

A Life of Miracles shows you exactly what it means to live a life of mastery. Join Almine in her daily life filled with miracles and mysteries.

Journey to the Heart of God - Mystical Keys to Immortal Mastery

The quintessential Almine book. How to go to Enlightenment and beyond… 

Read the first 18 pages for free (free download)

Secrets of the Hidden Realms - Mystical Keys to the Unseen Worlds

A breathtaking guide to the inhabitants of other realms. Absolutely jam-packed with encounters of the mystical kind. Recommended reading if you like to expand your view on reality.


Learning a million years of oral wisdom. Letting it go in an instant...

All of Almine's books are also available as e-books.

Free Stuff

Also, be sure to check out a lot of the free stuff.

Ascension Course: This free one month course will teach you what it takes to get to God-Consciousness... and beyond. A lot of the basics, concepts and way of critical thinking are shared to help you on your own spiritual path. Also a nice introduction to what you might expect in an online course regarding sheer volume.

Daily Diary: Handy! Browse or search for any subject, or keep up with the latest developments… and you can leave comments too!

Youtube: Watch over 100 videos worth many hours of deep spiritual insights. An absolute delight!


It’s so much, I’ll never be able to catch up!

We can tell you from our own experience that it doesn’t matter where you start studying. The beautiful thing about Almine's teachings is that it always flows back to her main subject. And that is you. Every book, every aphorism, every interview is, ultimately, about you.

You can view the teachings, from yesterday or 5 years ago, as little chapters in a non-linear story that she is telling. Every chapter gives you a piece of the story, but not one is the beginning. Not one chapter is more important than the other. And all complement each other in that they offer a greater understanding about yourself. So, you can indeed just start and enjoy the ride. For a roller-coaster ride it is!

All we can say is it is an honor and a pleasure to solve the mystery of beingness together. Walk along with Almine and if you have any questions, let us know at:

Team Almine (nicknamed the A-team)

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Neils I've been thinking and I feel you should be a writer :) I would definitely buy your books!

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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for my way, I am looking for my path in this world.First of all, I would like to know where I come from? Who  AM I ? Where am I going? How do I come into this jail? Who dropped me in? For what purpose? Who has the keys to get out of this infernal prison.? Is the labyrinth's door behind this picture? Woo! I have the feelings that all the heavens are fallen on me. It seems like I try to make some move to get out from the rumbles, when I cry for help, I get…


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