Contributions to Almine-my brief story (more online yoga)

To Almine’s Lightfamily,

I’m writing to inform you 2 things:

1)      I’m offering online yoga again to contribute to Almine

2)      I’m seeking teachers who would like to do the same

To check this out, go to:, then press on the Monthly yoga button.

My brief story:

I peeled many layers of myself in doing these yogas since 2010. It has been enlightening, challenging and surprising and every other emotion you can imagine. I’ve had to look very deeply at myself. I’ve taken this past month off from teaching to process many things.  I reached a core belief that was in my consciousness that ran a lot of my life unbeknownst to me. What I uncovered there was that I had the belief that “I was a mistake”.  I understand somewhat how I would think this. My mom was told she couldn’t have children and here I came after my parents were in the process of adopting. I was born a month early and spent my early days in the hospital.  I came home to my brother who was 7 months older than me.  The bottom line is: I’ve spent most of my life trying to fix myself.  I always thought something was wrong with me. I can assure you that isn’t loving yourself. Who knows how many lifetimes I’ve had this as a theme. These yogas along with Almine’s work revealed to me that I saw life not only upside down but I felt like I was also turned inside out.  I cannot explain how my life is so very different but I love myself now. I can see my worth. You can’t pay someone enough to provide material to give someone such a gift.  This is why I’m offering the online yoga in dedication to Almine and to ask for contributions to her. This can be a journey that isn’t for everyone but for those who are up for it, come give it a try.

All my love,

Jeanne Temple, Dean-The Academy of Yoga of Illumination

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Oh Jeanne. You are wonderful! 

I would be happy to contribute to Almine for a yoga session with you and this time I'll leave off the bright blue Tina Turner wig.

with deepest respect and gratitude. xxxx

Great Avril! 

Follow this link Online Yoga follow the instructions.  See you soon! I really look forward to the yoga as I'm in a different layer of it altogether. It will be interesting to get your feedback on your experience. I know Almine & SJ will appreciate your contribution too.

Come join in!

The link is: ; for those you aren't signed in (you'll have to cut 'n paste it into your browser)

An interesting story about contributions and Almine

When it comes to Almine and her material, miracles are everywhere. One example I’d like to share with everyone. One day I was in so much gratitude for all that Almine was sharing and her exemplary style. I wanted to write her a check just because (no reason other than having gratitude in my heart). So, I wrote a check for more than I was comfortable with.  Why? Because in that moment I knew it was the right thing to do.  So, off I go to mail it to Almine.  The moment I dropped it into the mail slot, I knew I lived my highest truth that moment, it was a very uplifting feeling.  I continued on with my day, then the next week or so passed.  In the 2nd week I had this great idea. I’d have a deck sale and sell some things I’ve been meaning to let go of for a while.  Normally I wouldn’t choose this because it’s not my ‘thing’ to have a deck sale. For some odd reason (read between the lines here) I wanted to with all my heart and the entire process was fun!  We made the money back that we donated plus $200 more! Now, the key here is not to give to expect. I didn’t expect anything. The feeling I had when I gave was the joy that spread into my life in unexpected ways.  Most of the information Almine has taught me was by experiencing it, getting on the playground. This mere act alone, for me, was stretching my mind, letting go a fear of lack and I didn’t know what would happen.

One other little ditty that really served me well over the years – she said, just because someone has great gifts doesn’t mean they possess high consciousness.

Find this day your joy!

Beautiful Jeanne. :)

LIke the posts here. I'd like to ask one question about Irash Satva Yoga.

For 26. Bru-ak-nespahu, the music says few times "clap your feet!" Do I need do it?

With Love, praise and gratitude!

Da Feng

Dear Da Feng,

Great to hear you are interested in the yoga.  The music doesn't give instruction on how to do with the yoga. The asanas (postures) are given in the book. All you need to do is follow the instructions in the book while playing the music (each asana has a specific song).  I don't hear the words in the song like you do . . . I hear Klanivik and ancient language spoken/chanted by Almine but I'll tune into it next I do it to see if anything new reveals itself . . . enjoy! ~jeanne

Dear Jeanne,

Thanks so much for your time!

The words come from a female instructor in English. It's very clear for me(I usually play the online(soundclouds)music).

All the best to you!

Da Feng

Thank you Jeanne so much.I feel much gratitude for your posts. Love, Jana


Thank you for this post. You are such an inspiration. I had a very similar experience as you after donating to Almine (SJ). We are living a life of Miracles. Thank you for all you do.



thank you so much...

greetings!  I would love clarification on one of the instructions associated with Saradesi Satva Yoga...on the bottom of page 84, it recommends meditating on the concept associated with the posture for 10-15 min prior to commencing yoga session.  Does "the concept" refer to one overall concept prior to beginning the entire session, or is the idea to meditate 10-15 min prior to each pair of movement/seated postures, 6 times throughout one session?  thank you very much!!!  xox

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