Hey guys just curious and wanted to share a couple of things I've experienced with Dragon Magic.

1.  The processes I've gone through from ceremonies and meditating on the 75 attributes has really been clearing my spine in ways I have not experienced before.  Very deep cleansing, healing and spinal alignments which has been awesome.  Has also been waking up my soul.

2.  I've noticed something that I can duplicate that's been interesting.  How I integrate some of the wheels and or sigils is to sleep with a specific set as I'm guided to.  I've been sleeping with the Dragon Magic Wheel of Hadji Ka and have noticed on the three different occasions that I have slept with it I was thrown into a sort of alternate or parallel type of universe.  A surreal smokier version of my awake state. 

The first time I recognized it,  I dreamnt that I was at a family reunion with lots of cousins from both my mom and dad's side of the family.  All of sudden very large giant like man who had distorted features came up to me and introduced himself.  Normally I might be taken a back but my soul was very cool and open.  He told me that he was a relative from my father's line and how much he went through as a baby in hospitals because of the suffering from his distorted features and abnormally gigantic size.  I treated him as though he was normal it just didn't make a difference to me (which is new for me).  It was time to leave and then another cousin abnormally gigantic and a bit distorted hailed me.  Again I was cool about it and just watching everything.  I went outside and remember smelling the air it was so real and lucid I could tell that the air was not my awake state but that it was a place caught inbetween worlds.  Not here or there.  It was a very distinctive smell and feeling.  I attributed the giant cousins issue to distortions in my dna family line that were coming to surface to be healed and or integrated.


The second time I slept with the wheel I I went through a very focused cleansing almost like a whirl wind from my feet to my lahun that cleared my energy field completely, practically perfectly.  After that I was back in the same dream state, not here or there just a smokier version of my wake state.  This time I was surrounded by aunts and uncles.  Now even though they looked like aunts and uncles they were a distorted version, I want to say I could feel a reptile or draconian aspect to them underneath the disguise of being human and it was as though they were studying me and asking each other questions about me.  The funny thing is they started throwing objects for me to look at and the objects felt real.  Like I felt them hit the bed with weight and touched them as weighted objects even though I was asleep, so by now my dream state on some level merged with my sleep state.  Before I knew it I felt one of these relatives move out of their realm and quickly and very subtle come up from behind me in my sleep and enter my spine, which I hate!

I have experienced entities either being curious or trying to get into the body nervous system and have learned to become very conscious and aware during those times so I didn't particularly wig out.  But I did remove the wheel to change my sleep pattern LOL.  And that morning when I went to the bathroom I ended spitting up the entity.  It just couldn't stay or hold itself within my field or my body.

So needless to say I gave myself a bit of a break at night but I kept feeling that I needed to let go of protecting myself and face my fears and shadows.  So I opted to sleep with the wheel again. Yup.

Sure enough I went through the same spinning/clearing from my feet through my lahun and ended right back up in the same smokier version of my wake state.  My soul at this point was extremely conscious of where it was.  To make a long story short I ended up leaving a cousin's home at night because they didn't answer the door.  And as I was leaving I saw a rather gigantic man, again a bit distorted, walking around with a flash light and just knew he was looking and coming for me.  Sure enough he got to me and grabbed my arms and lifted my little body (6 feet 4 in) up in the air.  But I wasn't afraid I started to speak the Mother's language consciously knowing it would protect me.  It froze him and I guess me too! As then I woke up!  Ironically I was impressed by how my soul is starting to know how to do certain things in the dream state from working with practices like Dragon Magic in my wake state.  I also wanted to go back and try to pull of this dudes head.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Meditating on this last encounter it felt like the last giant dude wasn't trying to hurt me but was definitely trying to prevent me from being in this smoky realm, as though he might have been guarding something and I was trespassing or getting too close to something.

That said I think have enough of the smokey realm for now so will move on, lol.  Just thought I would share and see if anyone was having something similar going on.


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...well...i just copied and pasted up the Dragon Affirmations for the Spine and you Popped in!...the Hadjika is sooooooooooo magical!

It is magical to see the feminine and masculine resurrecting through yourself... 

That's pretty good journeying in alternate realms Earl. You're an adept!

You obviously have some affinity with the Giants. So do I. In fact, I have met physical Giants, some years ago. There's an incantation for communicating with the Giants (and you can obviously do that already)......I believe in the Gift of the Unicorns....will check that for you.  Any way, you can work with them through that and it gives you safe passage. So that you can meet the nice, communicative ones. They also give you nice gifts...like power symbols for yourself to work with.

You already know the trick to speak Mother's tongue. That comes in handy eh...

Enjoy your journeys and thank you for sharing.



Hello Earl,

There is a really cool connection between dragons and giants.  It is in the 4 Patas from the Science of Immortality and Incorruptibility course.  These 4 patas are my favorite part of the course and have been something I’ve looked at and wondered about often.  They are proclamations that are like prophecies.  They tell of a time that there will be sacred government on Earth and a time of peace.  They are like the White Horse Library prophecies…4 patas, like 4 cornerstones, like the 4 stars/comets of blue, pink, purple and red. 

The patas tell of the Aranatvi and the Westatmanu who have an alliance of purity and work in cooperation with Infinite life as do the Dragon Gods and Aranushba Gods (Giants) of the 3rd and 4th patas.  In the 2009 retreat in Colorado, Almine said the Dragon Gods assist the Ancient Ones with sacred government.  From the patas, the giant gods do as well, especially in assisting to balance the natural kingdoms on Earth. 

The Giants book of high magic is shown on the diary here:


The glyphs are not to be translated and they feel very powerful. 

There’s also a terrific clip about giants in an Awakening from the Dream show in August 2012.  It was called something like, not making yourself small.  I haven’t been able to find the past AftD shows.  The clip was recorded during a retreat a few years ago in Denmark, which closely connects to the Inner Earth as Almine said on the Danish radio show.  The Giants are to come from the Inner Earth.

I feel like a lot opens up with the dragon magic.  It’s really cool that for you, it relates to Giants. :)

As a side note, it may not relate, but when I saw "smokier" and "smokey," I thought of the land of the smokey sun which is in the inner Earth.  Maybe that's where you traveled in your dream time.

The 4 Patas are from Day 25 in Science of Immortality and Incorruptibility about the Nazca Plains.  There's more about the Aravatvi and Westatmanu in the course Revisiting the Labyrinth, in the Flower Library #13, which is in the Nazca Plains.  There's mention of them in libraries 12-14.

There's also a connection between Giants and the 9th direction.  In 2007 I received languages from the 9th direction from the Giants and Angels.  Those are translated and given in Opening the Doors of Heaven.

There's also a bit about Giants in Arubafirina.  There may be an inter-dimensional photo on Almine's interdimensional website. 

A token/symbol for the giants...that's interesting. Wishing you fun and adventure on your journeys.  :)


Where can I find the Dragon Magic course? I haven't been able to find that... Thank you!

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