Share Your Almine Miracle and Win a Cruise! - Summer 2014 Cruise 'Competition'

Win a Cruise of Miracles
This summer you are again able to win a cruise in the Caribbean with Almine. During this 7 day cruise you can attend Almine’s Cruise of Miracles spiritual retreat as part of your prize! Share your ‘Almine miracle story’ and you can win one of the two grand prizes! Just image the combination of sailing the Caribbean, meeting Almine, joining in a spiritual retreat on miracles and doing so with other members of your international light family.

Sounds good right? Here’s what you do to win:

  • Share your miracle story about Almine’s teachings or Almine herself in the comments section below or on the dedicated post.
  • Do so from the first week of June to Friday August 15th. The 2 winners will be announced during the Awakening from the Dream radio show on Saturday, August 16th.
  • You can enter as many miracles with Almine as you’d like. Every time you enter one, your name will be added to the draw box one more time.
  • The names will be picked randomly and will not be based on content.
  • Have fun in sharing your experiences and enjoy reading those of others. This is a wonderful opportunity to remind us of the magic of life and the magical perspective.
  • Prize include both the cruise (late January, early February 2015 – exact date to be announced) and the ‘cruise of miracles spiritual retreat’ on board. This spiritual retreat consists of 18 hours of lecture by Almine while the ship is at sea. Transportation to and from port of departure is not included.
  • Your miracle stories can be added to or become part of a book in the future (read more on that below).
  • Want to share your Almine miracle story but have questions first? No problem! Shoot us a short email at and we will do our best to help you out!

Last year vs this year
You might remember that in 2013 Almine also gave away a Caribbean cruise. The lucky winner back then was Ailsa from South Africa. You can see more of her grand adventure in this post called ‘The Most Powerful Experience of My Life‘. This year’s entering into the ‘competition’ (really, for lack of a better word – it is completely random and it is more a happy sharing of experiences that remind you of the magic of life) will be completely different. We want to hear your miracle stories with Almine! So, no searching for deep wisdoms like last year, just the sharing of your story!

Do you have a miracle story with Almine? Had an injury healed with Belvaspata? Had visions of Almine before you ever knew what she looked like in real life? Did you work through trauma you never thought possible with fragrance alchemy? Or did you perhaps achieve forms of the stillness of the mind with her techniques? Let us know! You can share one or as many miracles as you have experienced through Almine. All miracles that you enter will go into our now infamous high hat (the draw box) and are eligible to win one of the two spots at the end of the competition.

As a side note, a miracle doesn’t have to be something huge with angels blowing trumpets in the background. It can be something subtle, yet powerful that you have experienced with Almine. Something that changed your life in a way you see wouldn’t have happened anywhere else and you consider to be a miracle. We love to see what you come up with.

Why miracle stories?
Almine is in the process of writing 7 new books at the moment that coincide with the seven fields of perception (which are connected with the seven bodies of mankind and the seven chakras). They are on the subjects of:

1] Shamanism
2] Incorruptible white magic
3] Healing
4] Mysticism
5] Metaphysics
6] Godhood
7] Unfolding Living Library (the unfolding river of life or the never ending journey)

These books are an alchemical equation in of themselves, each page of a book adding in an alchemical way to the next page, thus creating a book that is really a power object. All of these 7 books put together make one giant alchemical equation. The miracle stories shared by you in this competition, may be used to help create one of these books. You will be literally creating one of these alchemical power objects with Almine.

Russian miracle stories
This year’s miracle story event is the brain child of the Russian office of Spiritual Journeys. They have been receiving so many miracle stories that they have been running a small competition like this for a little while now. To honor the gracious sharing by our Russian speaking brothers and sisters, and for getting the ball rolling, we would like to invite them to this English competition too. If you are Russian speaking, you can add your miracle story to this English competition as well by sending it to He will translate it and enter you into this competition too.

Add your story!
Add your miracle story! Either in the comment section below or on the dedicated post. It can be as long or short as you want and everyone who enters can win the grand prize of one of the two cruise + retreat tickets. We are really looking forward to see what you are going to share with us!

Have fun!

Update August 16, 2014 - Winners Announced!
With gratitude in our hearts for all of you sharing, we announce today the winners of the Almine miracle story ‘competition’. From all of your entries we blindly picked 3 winners (yes, 3! Almine wanted an extra winner).

Read the winners in our blog post here.

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I would like to thank everyone who participated in this Cruise of Miracles contest.  Even those who just read them or are here with us on this journey, (All).  It seems that every step of this Cruise of Miracles is a miracle.  What’s not?  Even the coming together of this cruise package we have ended up with for our group.  The miracles I read are typical of what I have seen, witnessed, and experienced myself with you and those who are around or participating in this Journey with Almine either near or far, (No Space).  They are all different yet the same, a part of the miracle of the unknowable it seems.  I would like to share a miracle from my journey today.  I am already on the cruise, so it’s o.k. if I am late for this!  I was sitting eating my dinner and it began to rain not hard but steady.  I looked out of my large sliding glass doors and the Sun was shining as clear as a bright sun shinny day.  The sun was low in the west shining a beam of light that lit up every rain drop falling from the sky and everything around it.  You could see the rain drops clear enough that you could count them if you could count that fast.  It was like watching thousands of luminous particles of water in a parade illuminating everything it touched.  The green grass was a luminous green from the rain and every rain drop sparkling like the most luminous star filled dark night’s sky yet in broad daylight on the grass of the Earth.  Not sure it wasn’t the Earth bringing the stars to rest on it or what connection or communication or merging may have been happening.   It seemed like every rain drop held on to a piece of the suns light with one thing enhancing the next in a luminous show for a resurrecting Earth and all beings.  It was a show that ended with the rain stopping as the sun sank behind its curtain made of a massive cloud of white and silver.  Perfect ending as the next miracle took the stage.  Nothing like the miracle I experienced watching the stage of my universe being created before my own eyes just before a retreat with Almine in Miami, or seeing my light elixir in Newport in the old growth forest the day before a retreat in Almine’s home and not knowing what it was until I saw it on her computer screen.  Amazing thing seeing something like that in two totally different environments.  One lit up by electricity and the other lit up by?  You!  Many more.  All different and all miracles but all lit up by?  You!  Love, Praise, Gratitude, and Surrendered Trust, plus just a full dose of Surrender to all that unfolds!  

See the perfection behind the appearance and in seeing it bring it about. Almine

Gloriously expressed Tim!

I was absolutely delighted to hear that Almine had requested that a 3rd winner be included - how generous and fun! Congratulations to Holly, Andrey and Doris! Abundant Blessings to All!

Almine Caribbean Cruise Registration Discount Expiration Date has been Extended by the Cruise Line.  More details here .  Register for this cruise Before August 28, 2014 and pay a $250.00 deposit.  You have until November 5, 2014 to pay the balance or cancel.  You can cancel with a full refund of your deposit prior to November 5, 2014.  So if you think you may be able to go on this cruise, lock in the best price now and get a full refund of your deposit before November 5, 2014 if you can not go.

Take a look at our Almine Cruise web page. Just a couple of days left on the early discount.  

It was difficult for me to write about my miracle. It was not one that could be easily identified, so I shied away from its explanation.

Truly the miracle for me has been the gradual awakening of my place within the miracle that is the Infinite. The next miracle for me was when I effortlessly was lead through a path of magic that far outreached the expectations I had placed on the definition of life. Since I was called to do this work with Almine’s assistance I have not lived a common or mediocre hour. This, to me, is one of the greatest miracles I never imagined.

With Almine’s assistance and direct tools given to us through her from the Infinite, it is a miracle to witness on every level available to me the magic that moves through all.

While I was in University and just about to graduate in 2005, I began to receive strong visions that revealed themselves through my drawings. I was majoring in Fine Arts and just wasn’t understanding what I was drawing or why. I was an excellent student, but not excellent at conforming to the boundaries/limitations that were presented to me by my peers and professors. I could not stop the endless poetry and drawings that seemed to dwell within the esoteric. I would use all modern notions of magic to fall back on, to try to explain and bridge my visions, but it just wasn’t fitting. I figured there was something wrong with me, something I just wasn’t getting, something I had missed, and I fell into a place of anger, depression, self-destructiveness, and addiction. I finally ended up in jail, and I wanted to die.

Then, in 2012, I received a vision of Almine coming to get me, and opening the doors to a blinding light. I decided to watch her on the internet, and the first book I purchased from her was ‘The Gift of the Unicorns’. Tucked in bed at night, I was laying with my family in a hotel room in the mountains of British Colombia, and I sang the song to mother from the Giants. I started to cry, I felt as if I was lifting out of bed, but I was far too unaware and stopped it. The next morning my aunties came over with a handful of little jewels for me, they weren’t real semi-precious, but they resembled ruby’s and sapphire’s, emeralds and gold and diamonds.  Everything in my body said, “great gifts await”. The Giants saw them as precious, the unicorns saw them as precious…I saw them as precious. I had never felt like this in this life before. It was subtle and beautiful, magical, and hidden…a mystery coming alive in my cells. From then on at no point on this journey did I ever leave the teachings. Every word, every story, rang like a glorious song I had been waiting all my life to hear again. I wanted to live!

I could finally see with clarity the drawings I was making at University were deep esoteric concepts of the beginning and end of the great Fall, and our new rising paradigm that was to unfold. I began to diligently remove the illusion based perspectives I had been steeped in, and now I have my existence back in my own hands. This to me is a miracle. Finding the real through magic is a miracle to me, but it is like a subtle cradling current that resonates totally outside of anything we’ve come across before. The real of it, the miracle, is a unique perspective (lens) who’s meaning lay in the individual being.  The miracle for me is the discovery of my Self as the maker of new realities, new paradigms. The miracle for me is the Infinite sending Almine to assist with grace, this unfolding.  The miracle for me, is me.

Phoebe Surana, Alberta, Canada

Love the miracle of you within the miracles! For anyone who has not seen Phoebe's art, I highly recommend you take a look! Exquisite and activating! 

Beautifully said Phoebe, I enjoyed reading your story. I also share your experience on Almin's presence in my life. Thank you for sharing that. 

absolutely beautiful to read this!! thank you Phoebe
"subtle and beautiful, magical, and hidden…a mystery coming alive in my cells"....yes!! (resonating deeply within me! ☆♡☆♡☆)

Beautiful mystical Phoebe - my entire being rejoices in you awakening/remember of your unique gifts. YOU are a miracle and a blessing to All.

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