This rune card I had not seen before and have had it with me for a few days. "Infinite Precision" has a different frequency/light than trying to see perfection in all parts of life. For me it means that every emotion I feel, every word I speak, or that I observe, serves the precise intention of the Infinite. And very clear to me is nothing is wasted. All I observe about myself and those around me is there for a purpose, a precise role in the play.

This card has turned most everything I believed and thought about myself upside down. lol

Although I do not see a connection, today's events seem part this. I went to my buisness partner's home to work on a financial summary for a project. Very cerebral and I was not looking forward to it. On a thought/impulse I asked the help of the Lords of Light and they were there. Also there were others from the hidden realms who asked if they could participate too. They were having great fun. And the day flowed effortlessly.

At one point my partner started going on about the hard knocks in the past. (We had many projects that would have created thousands of jobs and stimulate the ecomomy, but stopped by the "6 year olds.") I said that was all in the past and not important now. I asked if he knew the date of the Chinese new year. His response was on that day we entered a paradigm shift. I am amazed how many in the business/political world are aware of the changes going on.

Almine has given us three ceremonies of god magic and told us there are more. A few days ago I asked if there was one about buisness. Immediately insights and energy poured into me about the purpose of business and relationships that I cannot put to words or get my mind around it. So now it feels very natural to me to ask and receive help of the inner realms. And life seems more real, more 3D than before.

I am very thankful for all those who are in my life and for my brothers and sisters who I can talk too and appreciate the great gifts we are given.

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I'm so glad I happened to see your account of the simplicity of asking the inner realms to accompany your task for the day. Will remember! Thank you Frank.

Thank you Frank for sharing this inspiring profound information.....

Thank you Frank. This is so inspiring and encourages us to look at the bigger picture yet work with the details. Hurrah for sharing! x

Dearest Frank, I loved reading your every day application of these profound is anything but ordinary when you take along the hidden realms with you.... you are inspiring and really amazing!!! Thank you so much dear brother for sharing. with love. :)

Oh yes Frank, it does seem more "real" now doesn't it. I'm amazed by it too. :)

Thanks for connecting the dots about the business world. Look forward to it being articulated, when you are ready Frank. We are all ears. :)

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Looking for direcitves

Posted by Joel Janvier on December 8, 2016 at 6:00pm 3 Comments

Dear light friends,
" Love and finance" are two areas in my life that I need to bring into balance in order to continue my journey. I feel drained lots of energies. I feel nervous and strange in this world.I feel like alone and misunderstood. I cannot describe my real mind state now. If someone can bring me some insights and directives, I will welcome them gratefully.


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