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Gratitude requires awareness. Interpreting dream symbols. Setting intentions for the day, living in praise. Full attention to the moment. Living life in a poem. The body in full awareness of gratitude. The law of abundance is gratitude. Praise is an attitude of upward living. States of praise. The left brain deals with known, the right brain with the non-cognitive unknown. Do not save, but assist. Loving self. Types of relationships. The DNA Rose. Three core ascension attitudes. Living in eternal time. Generosity. Poise. Stillness. Reverence for the Earth. Defining others by what they are becoming.

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Metaphysics~what is it?

Posted by avril on February 25, 2015 at 6:00am 5 Comments

After reading Frank's recent status, it inspired me to share recent insights I had with the field of Metaphysics, the 5th field out of the 7 fields of perception. 

I couldn't get a grasp on metaphysics, There are 7 wheels used in Sabahut, the movement/meditation which align with the 7 fields of perception. Almine titles the wheel of metaphysics 'As below, so also above' ~ Kesh asata vihek manasutvi'.

So I looked on Wikipedia, this is just the first…


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