Power and Ascension


Video Episode 2

Death, energy, ascension and power. The building blocks of life. Patterns of the body. Energy and consciousness. The three main stages. Nine phases of ascension.

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Pleiadian Water Wheels_Book of Star Transmissions

Posted by Dhani N on June 15, 2016 at 1:30pm 5 Comments

Hello everyone,

Just an update on the use of these water wheels from the Book of Star Transmissions (click link given below).

These wheels are set in a particular fashion to charge the water and bring it to life. In the book, it's set up with glass coils. The coils make the water go round and round in a circular motion. I have not yet been able to get these coils made.I have placed the power wheels as shown below and stir the water with a long stirring stick and call the angel…


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