Power and Ascension


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Death, energy, ascension and power. The building blocks of life. Patterns of the body. Energy and consciousness. The three main stages. Nine phases of ascension.

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Metaphysics~what is it?

Posted by avril on February 25, 2015 at 6:00am 6 Comments

After reading Frank's recent status, it inspired me to share recent insights I had with the field of Metaphysics, the 5th field out of the 7 fields of perception. 

I couldn't get a grasp on metaphysics, There are 7 wheels used in Sabahut, the movement/meditation which align with the 7 fields of perception. Almine titles the wheel of metaphysics 'As below, so also above' ~ Kesh asata vihek manasutvi'.

So I looked on Wikipedia, this is just the first…


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