Power and Ascension


Video Episode 2

Death, energy, ascension and power. The building blocks of life. Patterns of the body. Energy and consciousness. The three main stages. Nine phases of ascension.

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The 10th Chakra - the 10th Planetary Gate of the Earth

Posted by Sunny Sims on May 24, 2015 at 2:21pm 1 Comment

Aloha loves.  The Infinite lead me to a very spontaneous discovery today.  I often read the work of a woman name Lisa Renee. It connects some things I find useful.  Today I opened a "random" page in her formidable glossary and found myself reading about the destruction of Tiamat (5D version of the Planet Maldek)  I have felt that the energies Almine uncovered in the lower underworlds originated from the residual energies of the destruction of Maldek.   I think I found the missing…


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